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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Terry Cashman - Talkin' Baseball lyrics


The whiz kids had won it,
Bobby Thompson had done it,
And Yogi read the comics all the while.
Rock n roll was being born,
Marijuana we would scorn,
So down on the corner
The national past-time went on trial.

We're talkin' baseball
Kluzuski Campanella
Talkin' baseball
The man and Bobby Fella
The Scooter, the Barber, and the Newc
They knew them all from Boston to Dubuque
Especially Willie, Mickey, and the Duke.

Well Casey was winning,
Hank Aaron was beginning,
One Robbie going out, one coming in.
Kiner and Midget Cadell,
The Thumper and Mel Parnell,
And Ike was the only one winning down in Washington.


Now my old friend
The Bachelor
Wee he swore he was the Oklahoma Kid.
And Cookie played hooky
To go and see the Duke,
And me I always loved Wil Willie .
Those were the days.

Well now it's the 80's,
And Brett is the greatest,
And Bobby Bonds could play for everyone.
Rose is at the Vet,
Rusty again is a Met,
And the great Alexander is pitching again in Washington.

I'm talkin' baseball,
Like Reggie, Quisenberry,
Talkin' baseball,
Carew and Gaylord Perry,
Seaver, Bobby Schmidt and Vida Blue,
If Cooperstown is calling, it's no fluke.
They'll be with Willie, Mickey, and the Duke.
Willie, Mickey, and the Duke. (Say hey, say hey, say hey)
It was Willie, Mickey and the Duke (Say hey, say hey, say hey)
I'm talkin' Willie, Mickey and the Duke (Say hey, say hey, say hey)

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