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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ray Barretto "New York Soul" lyrics


Good god
New York soul y'all

Eh quepasa man
Oh everything is everything baby

This is the sound of soul
The New York kind of soul
Its got a funky beat
Right from the New York street

Hey quepasa baby
Oh same old same old

Just take the Afro thing
And add the Latin swing
It's more than rock and rock
This is the New York soul y'all

*Bass Solo*

Hey hey hey
We got New York soul
With a funky beat

Hey hey hey
Right from the new york streets
We got New York soul
Yeah Yeah

Hey hey hey
The Afro thing
The Lating swing

New York soul

Baby don't you know

New York soul
Hey hey hey
We got New York soul
(repeat to fade)

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