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Friday, October 19, 2012

Grey's Anatomy S09E03 song list soundtrack Love the One You're With

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 3 9x03 songs list sound track Love the One You're With

Heat Lightning by Icky Blossoms youtube
Considering the offer

What Could You Do? by Dolorean youtube
During the hernia repair surgery.

Oh My! (feat. B.o.B) by Haley Reinhart youtube
Bailey and Webber in room talking about the return of Kepner

What Makes a Good Man? by The Heavy youtube
Christina smiles to her chief - Meredith and Cristina Skype - Bailey puts post-it notes on all the new attending's stuff in the lounge.

It's All Okay by Julia Stone youtube
Intern crying to Crev.

I Won't Back Down by Ryan Star youtube
Arizona and Callie in Bathroom scene & declining the offer scene.

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