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Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's Your Number? (2011) soundtrack songs list

See new website here: What's Your Number? (2011) movie soundtrack songs list

Little Jackie - Take Back The World (youtube)

Ally looking for her old exes
Neon Trees - Animal (youtube)

Ally looking at her exes on a board
The Cinematics - Rise & Fall (youtube)

Ally finds an ex she likes
Ane trolle - Feel Lucky (youtube)

Playing horse at The Garden
The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow (youtube)

Ally getting ready for Jake
Devo - Human Rocket (youtube)

Ally with Jake and her sister
Benjamin Taylor - Wicked Way (youtube)

Wedding day
La Rejouissance (youtube)

Ally dancing with Jake
Lionel Richie - Three times a lady (youtube)

Wedding party
KC & The Sunshine Band - That's The Way (I Like It) (youtube)

Vowes at daisy's wedding
Girl Named Toby - Holding A Heart (youtube)

Ally looking for Collin
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (youtube)

End Credit title song
Natasha Bedingfield - Neon Lights (youtube)

The Cars - Just What I Needed - YouTube

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Jon said...

Thank you so much.. I have been trying to find the name for the song by Ben Taylor.. So nice to know someone who takes the time to list the songs.. I have been dying to hear the song again since hearing it in What's Your Number? (2011)

Anonymous said...

one more song missing.
Holding your Heart by Girl named Toby
here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9p1G1orJm0

because this is the song that i was actually looking for in this blog.

theborisedu said...

Thank you. Updated, but at which point was this song playing?

Anonymous said...

Do you know the name of the first song played in the movie (beginning credits)?

Arun Teja said...

It's Take Back The World by Little Jackie.

Anonymous said...

The song Feel Lucky by Ane Trolle was changed by Ane Trolle from Love Yourself - Lucy & The Cloud Parade. Hard to find the new version. You can watch the old version on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

the song 'holding a heart' by girl named toby is playing during the vowels at daisy's wedding.

Angel Bokney said...

Thank you so much. This blog is very helpful! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list, such a great soundtrack, assume they had trouble clearing all the tracks - tg for self-assembly! :)

nour makky said...

thanks! :D

need for song said...

hi, would any of you know the song that rick evans plays with his band? i know its-Just What I Needed by Cars but i wanted that exact same voice..please? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Try The band Sister Hazel the song is similar to how to how Rick sang it.

Nance said...

You for got "just what I needed" by the cars

Anonymous said...

I'd thank you so much if you could tell me the name of the fourth song during the closing credits? It's the third song after Natasha's Neon Lights. I really love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was really interested in finding that new version of the song when Alli was looking for Colin. To return the info & accuracy favour, "vows" are what you have at a wedding... "vowels" are a,e,I,o, & u.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering what the song was that plays as the lead into the first time Colin sleeps in Ally's apartment, and also the lead in to the basketball scene? It first comes at 35 minutes into the movie, and then 60 minutes into the movie?

Anonymous said...

Im looking for the last song played (ending part)....plse help...

Anonymous said...

Looking for the song playing whole Colin bites in the sandwich and then changes scene when the bride tries on the dress?

Anonymous said...

I wish they had Chris Evens singing just what I needed. he does a very good job.

dacota nayaka said...

I can't download it in waptrick. Can you all give me the link so I can download all of that song by phone :(

dacota nayaka said...

I can't find it on waptrick. Can you all give me the link to download for smartphone bcs I can't online by laptop :(

Anonymous said...

What's the song in the Deleted Scene "Donald Dances"?

Anonymous said...

You're missing Chit Chat by Hannah Georga, it's played when Alli and Colin are walking down the street and he's eating the sandwich