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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Colombiana movie song list end credit song sound track

Cops eating burgers
Your other Man (Vox) - Josey James & Waylon Jefferson James
[if you have a link to a sample on youtube post it in the comments below]

After smashing into cops [and when looking at security cameras later]
Fade out Lines -  Phoebe Killdeer and The Short Straws (youtube)

Brought into the station
The Crew - Fdel (youtube)

Making love
Glory Box - John Martyn (youtube)

At laundry mat
Pass the Hatchet - Roger & the Gypsies (youtube)

End credit [title] song
Hurt - Johnny Cash (youtube)


InBliss said...

love this movie.. got cool soundtrack..

ms lady harmony said...

Great movie,full of action from the beginning till the end.Zoe should win an Oscar for playing her best role ever

Anonymous said...

The song is "the fade out line" not "fake out". I have to agree this is a great sound track and Zoe is amazing in the role.

theborisedu said...

Thanks fixed!

Anonymous said...

I want the name of the song thats playing when she finally makes it home after leaving the police station and killing dude. Please thank you

Anonymous said...

Nevermind about the song after she leaves the station and killing dude. You already posted it. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

What of when she was at home eating and twisting

Anonymous said...

There is a rendition of Portishead's Give Me a Reason to Love You. I think that might be the tune when she gets back in.. But I don't know the artist, they're not credited.