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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lions and Tigers - Don Danbury Lyrics

Don Danbury reveals that he is not actually dying through this song
[from BBC's hilarious show  "How Not To Live Your Life" season 3 episode 4 3x04 called "Don Meets His Maker"]

Ready, two three four

Now that you know that you'll miss me when I'm gone
Will you forgive me for things I may have done?
Say yes (yes)
Say yes Don (yes Don)
Say uhuh (uhuh)

Lions and tigers and hippos and fowl,
They can't forgive each other,
Cause they're animals, they don't know how
That's what makes us humans so great
We can forgive each other when we make a mistake

[Verse 1]
Now I better tell you that I have been lying
I might have let you all believe that I was dying
But I'm not, but that's great
Oh it's something that we should celebrate!

Lions and tigers and hippos and fowl,
They can't forgive ...

(interrupted by Samantha)
Samantha: Don, Don... Don! Um... what did you just say?
Don: "Lions and tigers and hippos..."
Samantha: No, no, not that bit, the other bit. The bit about you not dying.
Don: I'm not actually dying (silly voice)
[silence while clock ticks]
Eddie: Never noticed how loud that clock is before...
Samantha: You gigantic fucking twat!
Don: I deserve that, I do. Now let's celebrate, here's to not dying!
Samantha: You prick!
Brian: You are absolutely fascinating.
Mrs. Treacher (Golum): Well I liked it. "Lions and tigers and hippos and fowl, they..."


Eightech said...

Great song ! Thanks for lyrics, but I think that there's a mistake "cause their animals" should be "cause they're animals".

theborisedu said...

thanks for finding the mistake, fixed :)

Anonymous said...

Boy I wish he made a album, I would buy it and I never buy music, just download it from the internet, but this guy deserves. Cheers all.