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Friday, February 20, 2009

Notorious Biggie Smalls - The Wickedest lyrics


Like I said before, junior mafia clique, hard core
uh, representing, biggie smalls in the house, uh
check it. uh

[Verse 1]
Biggie smalls is the wickedest
Nigga say I'm pussy
I dare you to stick your dick in this
If I was pussy I'd be filled with syphilis
Harpies, gonorrhea
Chlamydia getting rid o' ya
Got it locked like the penitentiary
Niggas mention me for MC
Execution who you choosing?
The whack MC or the black fat MC?
Jack Dempsey will start shaking all its taking
Get some marijuana and I'm making
MCs break-fast like flap jacks and bacon
Back spins the wind mills
Who's still the tin drinker
Ill thinker
Exploding when the paper hit the ink ah
Take the gangster chronicles
Turn to page 666
Holocaust, victim merciless
Niggas press they luckin'
They get a butt fucking
Straight up the ass raw dawg with the rash
And I don't fuck with the condoms
The condoms is the problem from the aids getting sprayed
Diseases, big pleases, MCs across the seas
Is just the way I cross my pray hey
I'm crazy and deranged
Blowing niggas out the frame
Simple and plain
But getting back
To the black, rhinoceros a rap
Big took a loss
How preposterous is that nigga?

Notorious biggie smalls 94 ready to die
yall niggas hold your heads
Mr. C, set it off baby pop

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